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Eric J. Thomas is a sought after inspirational voice, thought leader, and master communicator. He has developed a reputation for being an expert storyteller and brand strategist. Eric provides empowerment through consulting, education, and various programs. His global appeal, resilient personality, and versatile expertise has had global impact, and successfully helped people unlock and reach their full potential.


With a background in Business¬†Administration and Education, he has successfully managed 4 Square Agency, a Digital Marketing Company since 2012. Currently, he has established Healing Mary Jane, a nonprofit focused on women’s empowerment and helping victims of human and sex trafficking. With a focus on leadership and education, Eric is intentional on building relationships, sharing ideas, and uplifting the community.


By focusing on the following 3 areas, we fulfill our purpose and mandate of connecting humanity, and expanding leadership capacity in individuals across the globe. As Delta Airlines said “When we connect at the human level, we connect the world!”

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